Daniel Craig Talks James Bond’s Relationship With M In ‘Skyfall’

Not much is known about the latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall,” and we likely aren’t going to find out any more plot details any time soon. MTV News recently visited the set of the film and chatted with Daniel Craig who maintained the ultra-secretive nature of the production by refusing to spill any new elements of the story. But what he would talk about are the various relationships Bond has with the other characters in the film.

The little we do know about “Skyfall” tells us that Judi Dench‘s character M gets to come to the forefront in this flick.

According to the official plot synopsis, Bond’s loyalty to M is threatened when a secret from her past comes back to haunt her. It’s up to him to track down and get rid of the threat in order to protect MI6 and the world. Craig said he and Dench had a lot of fun having more time to film scenes together.

“They’re very close, and they kind of basically go on an adventure together,” he said. “She gets out in the field. Judi, she’ll tell you, she usually films most of her stuff in the studio like this while we’re all off in sort of some wonderful location, and she gets to go with us this time.”

But Bond’s relationship with M isn’t the only one to play a big role in the film. Javier Bardem‘s character, a villain named Silva, is also apparently someone who has a significant relationship with Bond.

“We kind of got Javier to come in and do that which, again, which just gives the whole film a sort of richer content,” Craig said. When asked if Silva will give 007 a run for his money, Craig quickly answered, “He certainly does, yes.”

But to Craig, James Bond is not a hero, and that’s why he finds the character so intriguing.

“I think he’s a flawed character,” Craig said. “His attitude towards women and his attitude towards the world is very dubious, but I think that’s interesting, and I think if you throw him into a situation with really strong characters and you watch them battle it out, then I think it just makes for interesting watching.”

“Skyfall” hits theaters November 9.

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Daniel Craig Talks James Bond’s Relationship With M In ‘Skyfall’

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