Exclusive ‘Bad Ass’ Clip: Don’t Mess With Danny Trejo

The viral video of a fist fight on an Oakland bus became an internet sensation and launched the meme known as “Epic Beard Man.” Now it is the inspiration for a new movie called—what else?—”Bad Ass.”

In our exclusive clip from “Bad Ass,” Danny Trejo takes on the role of the Epic Beard Man and, in a more friendly spin on the internet legend, defends an elderly public transmit rider from two punks. Also, Trejo’s definitely wearing a fanny pack, so if you’re not interested in anything else, we’d still highly recommend checking out the clip.

[ video unavailable on this device ]

Check out the video above and find out more about “Bad Ass” after the jump.

In “Bad Ass,” Trejo plays Frank Vega, a Vietnam vet that doesn’t get the ticker tape parade when he returns from overseas. Instead, he drifts around the city, taking the bus, just like everyone else. When he becomes an internet sensation after a video of him standing up for an elderly man, Frank makes the jump to instant celebrity.

But when his best friend is murdered and the police don’t follow through with a proper investigation, Frank takes the law into his own hands and shows the world how big of a bad ass he really is.

Ron Perlman and Charles S. Dutton co-star.

“Bad Ass” premieres in theaters and on VOD April 13.

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Exclusive ‘Bad Ass’ Clip: Don’t Mess With Danny Trejo

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