Five Reasons To See ‘Cabin In The Woods’

Cabin in the Woods

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! After years of collecting dust on a shelf, “The Cabin in the Woods” is finally getting the wide theatrical release it deserved ever since the idea sprung into Joss Whedon‘s wonderfully twisted mind.

Hopefully you won’t need any additional convincing to go check it out this weekend, but if you do, here are our Five Reasons to see “The Cabin in the Woods” this weekend.

The Secrets
Oh, the spoilers! Everyone’s talking about the spoilers. “Read nothing.” “Watch nothing.” “Talk to no one.” It all seems a little ridiculous at this point, but there is a reason for it all. When it comes to “The Cabin in the Woods” the old adage applies. It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey. Yes, there is a “final” secret to “Cabin in the Woods,” but the way each secret is carefully parsed out by the screenplay makes the movie as great as it is. The world of the film becomes clearer and clearer with each scene and eventually you see the big picture, but the whole thing is one hell of a ride.

Bradley Cooper and Richard Jenkins
The two middle-management working stiffs from the trailer are definitely the oddest part of the setup for those who haven’t seen the whole film. Their back story provides most of the material for the reveals, but it should be pointed out that the actors playing them absolutely steal the show. Jenkins and Cooper have been character actors in Hollywood for decades, and here they’re given so much great material to work with that you’re always looking forward to their next scene.

Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard
A large part of the draw of “Cabin in the Woods” has to be the pedigree attached to the screenplay. Whedon and Goddard have racked up more geek cred than most writers could ever earn in a lifetime. With works like “Buffy,” “Lost” and “Firefly” between them, you just know you’re in for something special, and there are elements of the story that could be easily traced back to a story in the past. There’s a love of monsters, a mysterious door in the floor and dialogue that’s wittier than it should be in a horror movie. In short, it’s a movie for the fans.

The Love of Movies
At the same time, “Cabin in the Woods” is a movie for people who love movies. It’s a movie that should be enjoyed and taken apart in conversations over the next few days. There’s so much meat on this bone that half of the fun will be dissecting it with everyone who enjoyed it as much as you did. Even if you aren’t a fan of the horror genre, there’s so much to enjoy in “Cabin in the Woods” that the distinction shouldn’t throw off the casual viewer.

Because It’s Fun
That may sound strange. We always go to the movies to have fun, right? Well, the actual thrill of sitting in a theater has faded a bit recently. You may have liked that movie you just saw in 3D, but did you have fun? Was there a palpable excitement in theater? Probably not, but you’re likely to feel it if you see “Cabin in the Woods” in a packed house with the right crowd. Trust us on this one.

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Five Reasons To See ‘Cabin In The Woods’

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