Gurgaon gang shoots 3 in ICU – Hindustan Times

It was 3pm in the afternoon on Tuesday, when about 100 SUV-borne men drove into the premises of Sunrise Hospital in Gurgaon — in Bollywood style. Before the hospital management realised what was happening, about 15 of them — one of them brandishing a revolver — rushed into the ICU and

opened fire at three patients — Joginder Singh, 32, his father Satbir, 52, and grandfather Shivraj, 81.
While Joginder and Satbir were seriously injured in the shootout, Shivraj escaped with minor injuries as the attackers had run out of ammunition by the time they turned on him.
The shootout lasted…

Original post: Gurgaon gang shoots 3 in ICU – Hindustan Times

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