Hologram Tupac Beams Up ‘Star Trek’ Actor In Today’s Twitter-Wood

Coachella audiences were shocked this past weekend when Tupac Shakur appeared on stage to perform with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. Thanks to some incredible Oscar-worthy special effects people, the rapper—who was tragically murdered back in 1996—was resurrected via hologram for this special performance. And it’s got the world buzzing.

Now that Tupac’s performing in holograms, maybe I can get him for a guest shot on, “Fresh Hell”.

— Brent Spiner (@BrentSpiner) April 17, 2012

Brett Spiner, Data from popular sci-fi TV show “Star Trek,” is no stranger to holograms, as they were a huge part of the show. The actor now hosts a sketch comedy web-series called “Fresh Hell” and mentioned Tupac’s hologram making an appearance. You know what would be better? If Data met Tupac.

The android would no doubt be shocked by Tupac’s use of language, but impressed by the technology used to create him. We imagine he’d want to study the advanced hologram, and possibly even talk about what it was like to go from a human with emotions to a mere projection of a person. Maybe Spiner should tweet @HologramTupac to get something in the works. We’d sure watch it!

Also in April 17, 2012’s Twitter-Wood, Seth Meyers jokes about no Pulitzer Prize for fiction, Omar Epps tweets “House M.D.” goodbye and Julie Benz hashtags what we all feel like doing on a bad day.

@sethmeyers21 “You know they don’t even give that bad boy out every year” – Past winner of Pulitzer for fiction bragging at bar.
-Seth Meyers, actor (“Saturday Night Live”)

@BretEastonEllis The funniest thing I’ve heard in weeks: there’s no Pulitzer prize for fiction this year.
-Bret Easton Ellis, writer (“American Psycho”)

@omarepps Tis the end of an era.. instagr.am/p/JhqtU8MIjX/
-Omar Epps, actor (“House M.D.”)

@dhewlett Game of Thrones is so incredible! The next time I see Jason Momoa, I am SO going to challenge that little rascal to a duel.
-David Hewlett, actor (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”)

@IMKristenBell You have not known clumsiness until u have accidentally super glued your eyebrows to your face.
-Kristen Bell, actress (“Veronica Mars”)

@juliebenz on my walk today… a little tiny bug flew into my eye…. #ewwwwww #imgoingbacktobedwakemewhenitstomorrow
-Julie Benz, actress (“Dexter”)

@JamesGunn There’s nothing more enchanting than the magic of cinema, especially the many ways you can destroy a human head.
-James Gunn, writer (“Scooby-Doo”)

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Hologram Tupac Beams Up ‘Star Trek’ Actor In Today’s Twitter-Wood

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