K7 online defence systems – Business Lite Security with Admin Console

K7 online defence systems – Business Lite Security with Admin Console

Introducing K7 Business Lite – End Point Security with Admin Console

A new world. A new innovation. World over organisations have a compelling reason to identify and address a growing number of vulnerabilities, to name a few – Buffer overrun, Spoofing identity, Elevation of privilege, Information disclosure, Denial of service etc. To protect the various threats in an organisation, K7, the world leaders in security protection have developed a world-class solution to be deployed at varied levels of organisations – K7 Business Lite end point security with Admin Console.

With this latest superior solution, organisations worldwide can mitigate risks to a large extent, be it critical, high or any level of security threats.

K7 Business Lite insulates organisations from unknown security threats due to the world of web, especially with the extensive usage of social media which poses bigger menace in the context of security for organisations, throwing open even more larger concerns.

Besides, there are several other defence mechanisms that have been built in the new K7 Business Lite.

Key Highlights

  • Web based management console accessible from anywhere using a standard Web Browser
  • Single Console to control server & clients
  • Simple and quick deployment of endpoints
  • Active Directory support for endpoint protection deployment
  • Dashboard for quick view of the Endpoint Security status and Security events that require Administrator attention
  • Email Notification of security events whenever Administrator attention is required (e.g. Virus outbreak on the network, Virus definition out-of-date, Security Patch required, etc.)
  • Grouping of endpoints for easier management and multiple policies to customize security settings for endpoints
  • Policy Override facility to implement security changes globally across the endpoints without having to change all the policies
  • Remotely scan/update/restart/uninstall any endpoint at any time
  • Control the web access of client machines using advanced web filtering

External device control

  • Application Control from launching/accessing internet
  • Set automatic security policy for travelling laptops
  • Simple & Comprehensive security reports
  • Centralized Quarantine and Restore

Complete Protection for Endpoints

Real time Antivirus Protection:
Real-time scanning ensures that all new files accessed, downloaded, created or modified are automatically scanned. This proactive approach ensures that the client machines are completely protected at all times.

Email protection:
Email protection automatically scans all incoming and outgoing e-mails and blocks malicious attachments, protecting the client machine from e-mail borne virus and malware

Proactive defence mechanism:
Zero day protection: This feature prevents the client machines from any zero day attack from a PDF based exploit or a browser based exploit. Client machines don’t have to wait for a patch that addresses these exploits!
Behavioral blocking: This feature blocks and removes any new malwares based on behavioral analysis which is undetected by the traditional AV
Drive-by-download blocking: This feature detects and blocks the zero day browsers exploits that leads to drive by download and Rogue AV download.

External devices Access control (Read/write/execute access):
Access to the (USB sticks, CD/DVD, Floppy disks) set by Administrator gets reflected in client machines.

Rootkit scanner:
Detects and removes any Rootkit that is hidden on the client machine using advanced rootkit detection technology which is undetected by the traditional Antivirus.

Vulnerability detection:
This feature detects the vulnerable application modules that can be used by attackers to compromise the Client machine.

USB Vaccination:
This feature can be used on any individual USB drives which immunize the USB Device and ensures that it never gets infected even if it is used in an Infected PC.

Smart Firewall:
Automatically detects the current location of the endpoint (in-office or out-of-office) and apply appropriate security rules taking into account
security risks outside the network. Also detects and blocks intrusions.

Application Control
Unwanted applications are blocked from running or accessing internet based on the rule set by the Administrator.

Web Filtering:
This feature prevents the client machine from accessing inappropriate websites set by the administrator.

Up-to-date Protection:
Updates are downloaded from the centralized server enabling quicker deployment of updates and saving Internet bandwidth.
Mobile laptops download updates directly from the Internet when outside of the network.

Key Benefits

  • Smallest Server
  • Light-weight, easy to install and setup
  • Does not require any special Server Hardware or Software
  • Can even be installed on the Windows Client Operating Systems such as Windows XP, VISTA or Windows 7
  • Ships with built-in database

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