Miley Cyrus Rushed To Hospital After Blender Mishap

‘I’m all stitched up & have on a splint so I’m good,’ singer/actress tweets after the incident.
By Kara Warner

Miley Cyrus leaves the hospital with her grandmother and bandaged index finger Tuesday

Photo: News

Miley Cyrus suffered a minor mishap in attempting to channel her inner Rachael Ray on Tuesday (April 17) when she cut her finger while cooking and had to be rushed to the hospital for stitches. Gossip website Starfeine broke the news and obtained the photographic evidence via a snapshot of Cyrus headed to the hospital, holding the injured finger wrapped in gauze.

“She cut her finger while cooking,” Cyrus’ rep told Us Weekly. “[She] had to get a few stitches. She’s doing fine.”

Cyrus later tweeted an update about the incident via a back-and-forth Twitter conversation with fan site and let everyone know she was doing fine, aside from being peeved that paparazzi followed her to the hospital.

“@MileyCyrusBz as you can tell by the horrible faces I’m making I obviously didn’t know they were there,” Cyrus tweeted in response to the paparazzi shots. “Pretty messed up following me to ER. I’m all stitched up & have on a splint so I’m good,” she added via a follow-up tweet. “As you can tell by my expression, didn’t feel so good. Curse u blender!”

We’re not exactly sure what Cyrus was doing sticking her hands into a blender, but we’re happy she’s all stitched up and on the mend.

Starfeine claimed the 19-year-old singer/actress was accompanied by a substantial support team on her trip to the emergency room. Her mother, grandmother and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth were reportedly all by her side during the ER visit.

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Miley Cyrus Rushed To Hospital After Blender Mishap

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