‘Muppets’ Sequel Will Be A ‘Caper’ And Introduce New Characters

Calling all “Muppets” super fans – a sequel is in the works! This information comes straight from the source, co-writer of “The Muppets” and its imminent sequel, Nick Stoller.

MTV News caught up with Stoller at a junket for “The Five Year Engagement,” his comedy starring Jason Segel. The “Jeff, Who Lives At Home” star recently announced his “man over muppet” decision, and sadly, the sequel will be sans-Segel. However, don’t get too bummed, because Stoller revealed exciting news about the script.

“[‘The Muppets’] was an amazing experience and the movie came out so well, and we’ve started writing ‘Muppets 2,'” he said. “James Bobin and I have been outlining it for a while. It is on.”

The first movie rounded up the Muppets to update the old school puppet geeks as well as the next generation. Fans can also expect new things from the Stoller-Bobin collaboration in “Muppets 2.”

“[In] the first movie, we introduce all the characters, and it was supposed to be nostalgic and emotionally hefty, and we did it. And we’re now going to do a caper,” he said. “It’s gonna be a crazy, comedic, hijinks-y caper. I’m really excited about it. So it’s kind of going a little bit more in that direction.”

Staying true to the mystery genre, Stoller didn’t divulge any clues to the “caper’s” story line just yet. However, his description of “The Muppets 2” does sound like a reinvented homage to 1981’s “The Great Muppet Caper.”

Despite the new genre, fans of the first movie can still expect to see some familiar faces in the sequel, such as Segel’s on-screen brother, Walter. When asked if any new muppets will be added to the repetoire this time around, Stoller remained vague.

“There might be, but Walter’s back,” he said. “It’s really fun.”

Disney is pushing to get the second installment of the light-hearted franchise out by Summer 2013, but for now Stoller and Bobin are still having fun with the script.

“The Muppets are just so much fun to write for. I mean, c’mon, the Muppets.”

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‘Muppets’ Sequel Will Be A ‘Caper’ And Introduce New Characters

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