‘Prometheus’ Viral Video: What Can You Do, David?


Have I said yet that there’s no movie in 2012 I’m looking forward to more than “Prometheus” already? Oh, I have? Just last week, you say? You’ll have to forgive me ā€” I’m going to be saying that a whole lot more, especially if the “Prometheus” viral campaign continues churning out the hotness like today’s introduction to the Weyland Corp’s David 8 model.

Just as Guy Pearce promised us, a new “Prometheus” viral video has indeed landed, this time focusing on Michael Fassbender’s character, David. David is an android, described by the notorious company as the “next generation Weyland robot.” The eighth model in the series (the Weyland website has a lot of information on the model’s development) can “do almost anything that could possibly be asked of me,” can “understand human emotions” without feeling them himself, among other perks.

Learn more in the video below.

It goes without saying that Fassbender thoroughly kills it in this video. One of the great breakout stars of the last few years, the man occasionally known as Magneto is a huge draw for me in my “Prometheus” anticipation, as he is for many other prospective fans, I’m sure.

There’s some speculation that Fassbender’s David is going to go the way of Ash when “Prometheus” rolls around ā€” which is to say, go absolutely nuts and try to kill fellow crew members in order to protect Weyland’s interests. I think that’s way too predictable, and way too derivative of Ridley Scott’s “Alien,” to be repeated again. (I hope so, at least, but what do I know? I have faith in Scott/Lindelof either way.) My gut instinct is that David will be one of the very last characters standing, if not the last character, for the “Prometheus” end game. Nothing really to base that on more than a hunch, and an extreme desire to see Fassbender kick all kinds of Space Jockey butt on his own, cyber-Ripley style.

Courtesy of Prometheus News via Bleeding Cool.

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‘Prometheus’ Viral Video: What Can You Do, David?

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