Russell Crowe’s Voice Is ‘Pinging Off The Rafters’ In Today’s Twitter-Wood

We’re chomping at the bit waiting for the release of “Les Miserables.” It’s a story we enjoy and even though we know how it plays out, we’re excited to see how the A-List ensemble cast brings their characters to life. In particular, Russell Crowe who plays Officer Javert. Crowe’s recently taken to Twitter to write snippets about filming on set. Along with his voice “pinging off the rafters,” he also wrote, “I know it’s him, he knows I know…when I confront him tonight, I’ll be all… ‘Valjean…at last..we see each other plain.’ #lesmis”

My voice is pinging off the rafters , cool, will probably sing the confrontation 50 times during the course of the day #lesmis

— Russell Crowe (@russellcrowe) April 26, 2012

Crowe is of course referring to the scene where Javert confronts Jean Valjean — a wanted thief who repents for his ways and becomes an honorable factory owner. We can’t wait to see Crowe go toe to toe against Hugh Jackman’s Valjean.

Also in April 26, 2012’s Twitter-Wood: Daniel Dae Kim wraps up “Hawaii Five O,” Clark Gregg reminds us he’s not always the man in black and Kevin Hart gives us his #ThoughtsAtWalmart.

@danieldaekim Packing up my trailer on the last day of Season 2. Congrats to our entire #H50 family!
-Daniel Dae Kim, actor (“Hawaii Five O,” “Lost”)

@GregBehrendt @PattonOswalt was right the AVENGERS… Oh my GOD! And I don’t even like romantic comedies.
-Greg Behrendt, comedian

@prattprattpratt Excuse me sir… I think I took a wrong turn… I’m looking for the 405?
-Chris Pratt, actor (“Parks and Recreation,” “Moneyball”)

@clarkgregg Um…yes. RT @Steph_Philbrick: Has Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) played ANYTHING but man-in-black roles?#SprtsNight
-Clark Gregg, actor (“The Avengers”)

@alecbaldwin Live, baby, live!!! @nbc30rock
-Alec Baldwin, actor (“30 Rock”)

@sethmeyers21 I call Mel Kiper Jr. “The Open Window” because every time I see him I feel a draft. #PulitzerWinningTweet
-Seth Meyers, comedian, actor (“Saturday Night Live”)

#ThoughtsAtWalmart 1: @KevinHart4real #ThoughtsAtWalmart this is the only place where I can get a vest and a transmission!!!! This store is AMAZING
-Kevin Hart, comedian, actor (“Think Like a Man”)

#ThoughtsAtWalmart 2: @toddbarry #ThoughtsAtWalmart I’m looking for a first edition of “Moby Dick” from 1851. I guess I’ll have to poke around a little longer.
-Todd Barry, comedian

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Russell Crowe’s Voice Is ‘Pinging Off The Rafters’ In Today’s Twitter-Wood

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