‘Skyfall’ Stunt Gone Wrong Leaves Historic Istanbul Shop In Ruins

FROM NEXT MOVIE: Accidents happen, even when the world’s greatest spy is involved. James Bond returns to the big screen later this year with “Skyfall,” the 23rd movie in the storied franchise, and when it lands, it’ll have left a whole lot of destruction in its wake… and not just the fictional blow-up-the-bad-guys kind.

Agent 007’s latest adventure has left a 330-year-old shop in Istanbal’s iconic Grand Bazaar destroyed, and it’s no cinematic trick: a stuntman lost control of his motorcycle and thoroughly destroyed the store, and the shop owner is now one very unhappy customer.

“It is very nice for the Grand Bazaar to be chosen as a location for shooting this kind of movie. But the bazaar’s administration… didn’t notify us the shooting would be like this,” said store owner Mete Boybeyi. “This place is regulated by the Council of Monuments. We can’t even change our window without their permission.”

Get much more on story over at NextMovie.

‘Skyfall’ Stunt Gone Wrong Leaves Historic Istanbul Shop In Ruins

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