Teens learn dangers of texting while driving (AP)

In this May 6, 2010 photo, Capt. Drew Bloom of the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles, left, rides along with 10th-grader Trever Nadeau during a texting while driving event in White River Junction, Vt. While states pass laws banning texting while driving, some are going a step further, giving kids first-hand experience of the dangers of sending electronic messages while behind the wheel. They're sending kids through obstacle courses on golf carts while texting, keeping track of how many errors and fatalities they may cause. (AP Photo/Toby Talbot)AP – Kamy Mayott has been told that texting while driving is dangerous. But the 15-year-old didn’t know just how dangerous until she navigated a golf cart through an obstacle course while texting and took out a whole row of orange cones.

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