Val Kilmer Visits ‘The Fourth Dimension’ And Lives To Tell The Tale

Awesome secrets. Light and fluffy. Cotton candy. These are words you’re going to be hearing a whole lot more should you tune into “The Fourth Dimension,” the Tribeca Film Festival flick from VICE mastermind Eddy Moretti collecting short movies from directors Harmony Korine, Aleksei Fedorchenko, and Jan Kwiecinski.

The film is split into three segments, but if it’s star power you’re after, there’s no where better to turn than “The Lotus Community Workshop,” Korine’s short starring Val Kilmer as — wait for it — Val Kilmer.

“The premise is so great,” Kilmer told MTV News about his work in “Fourth Dimension,” which mostly involves a fictional version of himself giving a rousing and thoroughly absurd speech to a down-and-out community. “I’m a motivational speaker, but I’m a complete idiot. I still laugh every time I say it!”

Describing “Lotus Community Workshop” as Korine’s first flat-out comedy, Kilmer revealed that his character wasn’t always written as a fictional version of himself. That was an idea that evolved later on, leaving Kilmer initially skeptical.

“[Harmony] said, ‘Maybe we’ll try it where we tell this hardcore, down and out audience that it’s you coming,'” the “Top Gun” actor recalled. “I said, ‘Okay, but are we going to change the script? I’m sort of nervous to say all of these idiotic things as me — it could be taken the wrong way.'”

Ultimately, Kilmer embraced the idea that one of the points of the film is “to mess with assumptions,” a notion that producer Moretti echoes wholeheartedly.

“We’re exploring the concept of some world beyond this one, and not have it literally be heaven, which is what most people think of,” Moretti told us about the premise behind “Fourth Dimension.” “All the films end up finding that beyond is right around you, in the moments of your life. I didn’t know that they would all reach that conclusion, but they did, and I think that’s a really cool thing. Only one of the shorts, ‘Chronoeye,’ goes into science fiction, and that one comes back to the girl who is right beside him in his life. It sets up an idea that there’s a metaphysical realm, but it actually shoots it down by saying it’s all about the world around you, which is more precious than some dreamy notion of angels.”

Speaking of celebrating the world around you, Kilmer found that he enjoyed the experience of playing fictional Val so much, that he’s thinking about ways to repeat the experience in the future.

“I just loved this character and laughed all day long with Harmony. We’d been talking about doing more with the character, the concept of this motivational speaker who is just well intended but very off the rails,” said Kilmer. “I’d like to [bring the character to] an amphitheater. I think Harmony’s got enough in him as a director that we could get really big with it.”

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Val Kilmer Visits ‘The Fourth Dimension’ And Lives To Tell The Tale

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