We’re Playing ‘Where’s Jason?’ And Jennifer Lawrence Shows In Today’s Dailies

Where's Jason?

“Where’s Waldo?” would have been a lot easier if Waldo had been a psycho killer bent on killing teenagers. Thankfully, he was just a good with a weird thing for sweaters.

Also, don’t doubt Jennifer Lawrence‘s archery abilities and there’s a 14 year-old out there with a voice of gold, all in today’s Dailies!

» The director “The Orphanage” has a new movie with Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts called “The Impossible,” and the trailer is haunting in the best way possible. [The Playlist]

» Jake Foushee is 14 years-old and has a voice that was made for the movies. [Vulture]

» Jaden Smith may star in an adaptation of a YA novel about a teen assassin, like a male version of “Hanna.” Hank? [Variety]

» The new trailer for “The Five-Year Engagement” is NSFW and very, very funny. Plus, it uses outtakes, so not all the jokes aren’t ruined ahead of time. [Funny or Die]

» Jason Bateman and Will Arnett reteam for the first trailer from Morgan Spurlock’s upcoming man grooming documentary “Mansome.” [EW.com]

» A Spanish talk show coerced Jennifer Lawrence into showing off her archery skills. SHE’S ACTUALLY AWESOME! [Screen Crush]

» From the makers of “Where’s Waldo?” comes the much easier and more violent game, “Where’s Jason?” [ShockTillYouDrop]

Where's Jason

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We’re Playing ‘Where’s Jason?’ And Jennifer Lawrence Shows In Today’s Dailies

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