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Anti Missile System of US Defense Started Working in South Korea

US installation of THAAD – Anti-Missile Defence System. The system can intercept North Korean missiles although full operational capability is still some months away.
Tensions have been rising around the Korean peninsula, with repeated threats from North Korea and the presence of a group of US warships and a submarine. Read on at

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NASA Mission Cassini the Enceladus

NASA’s future exploration of ocean worlds is enabled by Hubble’s monitoring of Europa’s putative plume activity and Cassini’s long-term investigation of the Enceladus plume. In particular, both investigations are laying the groundwork for NASA’s Europa Clipper mission, which is planned for launch in the 2020s.

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NASA Missions Ocean Worlds in Our Solar System

The new findings are an independent line of evidence that hydrothermal activity is taking place in the Enceladus ocean. Previous results, published in March 2015, suggested hot water is interacting with rock beneath the sea; the new findings support that conclusion and add that the rock appears to be reacting chemically to produce the hydrogen.

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Rain Rain Go Away

Its raining in Chandigarh, weather is cool again. Warm clothes are out once again. Do take care in this changing weather. It is expected this week to be cool, cloudy and may rain.

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Five policemen suspended for Manipur firing – IBNLive

IBNLive Five policemen suspended for Manipur firing IBNLive Imphal: Five police personnel have been placed under suspension after a 29-year-old journalist was killed in police firing in Manipur, official sources said on Monday. The sources said a three-member enquiry committee headed by Principal Secretary (Home) … Actress molestation row: Imphal on boil, DD cameraman dies in police firing Indian Express Journo shot dead in violent protest Daily News & Analysis India police 'kill journalist' at Manipur protest BBC News The Hindu ?- Times of India all 125 news articles??

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