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Active Meteors in November 2020

In the month of November we can witness 2 Meteor showers when they get to their Peak. Meteors are one of the spectacular view to watch, it keep happening from time to time every year. While in the year 2020 we have seen many many things, if still you have not witnessed most special view of the night sky, then you should try the night sky watching.

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NASA Mission Cassini the Enceladus

NASA’s future exploration of ocean worlds is enabled by Hubble’s monitoring of Europa’s putative plume activity and Cassini’s long-term investigation of the Enceladus plume. In particular, both investigations are laying the groundwork for NASA’s Europa Clipper mission, which is planned for launch in the 2020s.

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NASA Missions Ocean Worlds in Our Solar System

The new findings are an independent line of evidence that hydrothermal activity is taking place in the Enceladus ocean. Previous results, published in March 2015, suggested hot water is interacting with rock beneath the sea; the new findings support that conclusion and add that the rock appears to be reacting chemically to produce the hydrogen.

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