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Stretchable gold conductors bring bling to elastic electronics

This is some practical bling. (Credit: Joseph Xu) The precious metal gold can be used for purposes of good (like flexible brain implants) rather than evil (like a $9.4 million iPhone 4S). Researchers at the University of Michigan have created a stretchy conductive material out of gold nanoparticles and polyurethane that holds promise for use in flexible electronic devices

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CBS, Time Warner Cable talks grow ugly

CBS’s “Under the Dome” has been the top prime-time show on broadcast TV. (Credit: CBS) Time Warner Cable subscribers, if you’re an “Under the Dome” fan in one of the country’s biggest cities, you may want to start considering whether Amazon Prime and Aereo are right for you. CBS Corp., which is the parent company of CNET, has been negotiating a new carriage pact with Time Warner for its flagship network under an extension to their previous agreement that expired June 30.

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How to reset an OS X account password with an Apple ID

There are several ways to reset an account password in OS X. The primary method is to use the Users & Groups system preferences, under which you can use the “Change Password” option for your account (called “Reset Password” for other accounts), but you can also use the hidden “resetpassword” tool in the OS X Recovery drive; or if you are savvy with the Terminal, boot your system to Single-User mode and use the “passwd” or “dscl” commands to give a specified account a new password

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Apple’s developer site experiencing extended outage

Apple’s developer Web site has been down for maintenance in the past, but the latest is a doozy. The site, which is home to software downloads, documentation, and forums for Apple’s software developers has been unavailable for more 30 hours, leaving users hanging. “This site is undergoing maintenance for an extended period today,” links to the members section of the Mac and iOS Developer Web sites read (pictured above).

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