iPhone 5 may cost Apple $167.50 to build, says one estimate

The iPhone 5 front and back.
(Credit: Apple)
Apple could be shelling out $167.50 to make each $199 16GB iPhone 5.
At least, that an initial estimate calculated by research firm UBM TechInsights. Looking at the entry-level iPhone 5, the firm broke down the potential cost of each of the various components.
The new 4-inch 1136×640 pixel display costs $18 to build, the touchscreen $7.50, and the battery $3.00. The A6 processor goes for $28, while the camera costs $10 and the built-in WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS is only $4.00. Add in the cost of several other components, and you end up with a BOM (bill…

Original post: iPhone 5 may cost Apple $167.50 to build, says one estimate

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