Planet Mars close approach to earth captured with small telescope and smart phone

Planet Mars close approach to earth captured with small telescope and smart phone

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System, being larger than only Mercury. In English, Mars carries the name of the Roman god of war and is often referred to as the “Red Planet”. In Hindi (India) it is known as “Mangal”, “Mangal Grah”.

Mars closes approach to the earth is October 6, 2020. The Image and footage was captured during 6-7 night.

View here: Mars dated 19 September, 2020 and

View here: Mars dated 28 September, 2020

You can easily spot Planet Mars in night sky, it is bright red and shining like a red star in the night sky.

Planet Mars images are captured using small telescope 114mm x 900mm and smart phone. Images are stacked from Video Footage Below.
Multiple images taken, different magnification, details in the image.
(better viewed when not zoomed or zoom out 500px or 600px width or lesser)

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