‘Prometheus’ Featurette Introduces ‘A Superior Species’


Yet another tantalizing piece of “Prometheus” video has landed on the Internet today, and though it still reveals nothing about the story, there are definitely a few Easter eggs in there if you look hard enough. “Prometheus” will be Ridley Scott’s first foray into science fiction, the genre he helped define, since “Blade Runner,” and to say that we at MTV News are excited about this movie would be a gross understatement.

To the casual viewer, the new promo really doesn’t reveal anything. The video itself seems more like a set of interviews about the director, and not the film itself. And what does Ridley have to say about all of this? “It’s all about everything. I’m one of those directors that comes from the all about everything school.” Very enlightening.

But what the promo doesn’t tell you, it shows you, teasing us with just a few more tidbits that were left on the cutting room floor in previous trailers. Here’s what we found most interesting about the new promo.

» A creepy skull rock that gets overcome by an oncoming storm. Could this be a statue from an alien civilization, or is it literally a skull? It looks rather human…

» Fassbender’s enlightening realization that the crew are dealing with “A superior species, no doubt.”

» Behind the scenes shots of some sort of alien command center, with Fassbender taking the helm!

» Charlize Theron being jettisoned from a ship (the Prometheus?) via escape pod that is on a crash course with the massive alien craft.

» And last but not least: lasers!

Sadly, we have to wait until June 8th to find out what all of this adds up to. Did you notice something that we missed? Leave your own crazy theories in the comments below or on Twitter!

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‘Prometheus’ Featurette Introduces ‘A Superior Species’

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